If you’ve never heard of one. That’s because your TV provider offers one with a catch !!!

Ever since smartphones started appearing with a price tag of $499. Yes; I’m going way back to the days when the palm Treo 600 was King. With all the technological breakthroughs; It would’ve been nice if we could watch TV in the palm of our hand. By the time the original Slingbox came out the only viewing method was the PC or laptop. Although the internet connection speed needed to be more than 3 down and 1.5 up. Image quality was in standard…

Just when you get COD another one comes out; Makes you wonder why your kicking ass every Sunday. The competition went off to the latest and greatest then 2 months later they come back. Your no longer supreme !!

The Speech of the Upper Stiff Lip. PT. 1

I have been watching James Bond lately December 2020 whether on YouTube or paid streaming service (you choose your poison). Not that I haven’t seen them before God knows I’ve been watching them since my father introduced them to me on free television yes ITV. ITV one of the few of the air channels in the United Kingdom that had advertising; And no we weren’t off the hook paying for the BBC television license. That’s another whole blog speaking on this particular License. …

It will always be another five yrs. Trust fund babies are from everyone even if its a measly 10K-20K payout a month. I'll hide to ! Problem is you don't want people to know your not working; your either loaded or you got streaming income toppings. They will beg for money. so don't retire atleast not putting it out there. That's my 100 $/Pounds.

we are kind of on the same journey. I'm up to 2.48 total. Most but 3 cents I made in Jan. Got a few more to Pub this month. March most probably post as much as I can. Working on my YouTube channels need to get them going as well. See how it goes.

Form and function have changed wildly over the years

Gaming peripherals have changed over the past 30 years with the likes of Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and a host of PC-oriented gaming controllers. Console and peripheral manufacturers hope to create loyalty through design. If the debate over the offset analog sticks of the Xbox controller versus the symmetrical ones on the PlayStation controllers is any indication, they have done their job well.

It wasn’t always like that in the past. Controllers were made in conjunction with third-party manufacturers to build and construct gaming controllers that worked with their products. …

For your electronic devices that need an Extra Boost

There comes a time when the output of your electronic devices usually have one headphone output (That’s if you count Bluetooth as an output source. That will come later for now we are dealing with amplification of portable sound) and you may want multiple outputs; weather its digital to analog; Need a warm sound or Graphically Equalized. Graphic Equalizers were very popular in the 80s. Given the regular volume an extra boost of Bass and Treble.

Fast forward to 2020 here are my top picks of portable boosters and enhancers from today and past I have used over the years.

SoundBlaster E1.

keyboards are a must for those pesky word searches

There comes a moment when the original remote that comes with your Android TV box or TV doesn’t really cut it when it comes for keyboard search and registering an App for viewing content. I have tried 5 after market remotes that I have scattered through out my home all depends on my feel of use.

Here are the products :

Around a year ago, Philips released the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box for 229.99 I’m assuming this is global pricing S & D as we know it. Those of us who are Social Economic and Bus 101 Supply and Demand in tech can fluctuate if there’s no Supply. Though it’s a tough price to pay for Thanksgiving's Day and Christmas Period viewing; sharing new visual and entertaining movies for Family and Friends.

There have to be an alternative than buying an expensive box as a One trick pony for eye popping visuals especially that movie is the first time viewing…


I love using tech and incorporate with everyday life. Plus I enjoy reviewing tech new and old on my youtube channel please subscribe. GeoFavTech !

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